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When playing professional football at Liverpool FC, Neil was trained as a “winner,” i.e., success and achievement. Neil wants to help others with finding their “inner success” so they can achieve, maximise and succeed. Neil now wants to impart that wisdom and encouragement onto others.

These services are fantastic for an inspiring and energising lesson in schools, businesses, or sports clubs and teams.

Flexible modes of delivery are offered with an option to conduct either an online session or an in-person session.


Keynote Speaking

Neil offers these sessions for a larger audience, with talks of up to 1 hour. The objective of these sessions is to captivate and engage the audience. Motivates the learning for the development of a broader group.



High impact learning that caters to a smaller group of people. Interactive sessions with effective learning. Neil engages the audience with a number of meaningful exercises throughout. This service option is great for teams.

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