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Brand Vision

To help people find inner success so they can achieve and maximise their performance

Brand Mission

To positively impact people with the ‘Mellor Motto’

About Neil

Neil Mellor is a retired professional football player and sports broadcaster. Grasp the value of resilience, knowledge, and teamwork by booking him for a Keynote Session or Workshop for your school, business, or sports team.

During my professional football career I represented Liverpool Football Club and was part of a Champions League winning squad. I have acquired great skills and experiences from my 13 year professional footballer career having represented Liverpool FC, Preston North End, West Ham United, Wigan Athletic and Sheffield Wednesday.


Businesses can lack teamwork and a leadership drive among their employees. It is essential to keep your employees motivated and happy. Especially in the current job market, it can be difficult for organizations to keep a low turnover rate. Organizations now understand the impact of an employee with resilience and leadership skills. Organizations aren’t a one- man job either. Employees need to understand the vitality of teamwork as well.

"I want to help people get the most out of themselves"


Being in the midst of a pandemic and the increasing uncertainty of the world is tough for students. Add online classes on top of that. It is becoming increasingly difficult for students to cope. With limited social interactions, it can be hard for students to work in teams as well. All of this can have a detrimental effect on their education and their motivation to continue


It is important for a player to have the right qualities so that they can excel and ensure the victory of their team as well. Sports is not just about victories; it is also about powering through losses and obstacles. Neither a team nor a player can succeed without having qualities of resilience,
leadership, and teamwork.

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